About us

Arthuis was founded to prevent art from 'remaining' and collecting dust in the cellars and drawers of galleries and art dealers. Galleries have to keep innovating and feel pressure to put up something new on a regular basis. No matter how beautiful a work of art is, it often disappears from the spotlight if it is not sold quickly enough. Arthuis gives these works a second chance and puts them in the spotlight again!
We, Daphne and Isabelle, carefully choose the artworks. Together with the gallery owners, we pull out the currants for you so that we can reveal the most beautiful hidden treasures from their storage in our shop. This is entirely online. Not everyone dares to enter a gallery just like that. A shame, because art is for everyone! That is why with Arthuis we want to make the step to purchase a work of art smaller and lower the threshold.
For more information, feel free to contact us!