Types of prints

Printmaking is a fascinating art form that uses various printing techniques to create unique and expressive images. Here are the most important and common techniques you can discover in our collection.


Etchings, for detailed black and white images, are made on metal plates covered with wax. The artist draws an image on the plate with an etching needle, after which it is dipped in acid. The acid reacts only with the areas where it has been scratched away, creating deeper and darker lines. The plate is then covered with ink and buffed, after which a damp paper is pressed onto it. The paper presses into the incised lines, resulting in beautiful prints with etched lines on paper.


Lithography, an age-old and labour-intensive technique, starts with a drawing made with oily ink or chalk on a (lime) stone. Water and grease repel each other, so after applying a mixture and removing the drawing with turpentine, the grease from the ink remains. Then the stone is wetted and only the places where ink has been left dry. Finally, ink is applied and only adheres to the dry part. Separate stones and inks are used for multiple colours, resulting in unique and colorful litho prints.

Screen printing

The screen printing technique uses stencils and screen mesh to apply ink to paper. A template is placed on the paper and covered with fine sieve mesh. Ink is applied to the screen mesh and spread over the stencil with a squeegee. The ink pushes through the open areas of the stencil onto the paper, creating colorful and detailed prints. A new stencil or screen is used for each color, making screen printing versatile and vibrant.


Woodcut, the oldest form of printing, works like a stamp where only the raised areas are printed. The artist draws an image on a piece of wood and then gouges out the drawing with special gouges. Ink is applied to the woodcut with an ink roller, then a sheet of paper is placed on top and pressed with a press. The raised parts of the woodcut are imprinted on the paper, resulting in unique and characteristic prints.

Enjoy the diversity and beauty of graphics!