Leon Jansen
Leon Jansen

Leon Jansen

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Year: 2006
Technique: Woodcut
Paper size: 75 x 54 cm
Image size: 61 x 50 cm
Edition: 3/16

Leon Jansen
Limburg, 13 February 1951
Around 1980 Leon Jansen started making colored woodcuts. He does this with the elimination technique. All colors of a block are printed immediately after each other, so that you only know at the last printing run (black) whether the print has been successful. In addition to woodcuts, Janssen also makes oil paintings. A frequent subject of his work is the male-female relationship. He depicts love, passion, envy and jealousy within a kind of Hollywood-like dream world. Yet as a viewer you do not fully know what is going on in his paintings. His figures linger in an atmosphere of tension, intrigue and anonymity.