Gallery vs. Online

Do you find it difficult to just walk into a gallery and inquire about the works of art? Don't worry, you're not the only one with this feeling. Many people do not feel comfortable in a traditional gallery, where often a small selection is exhibited, without prices and with little information about the artist. With the rise of online galleries, the art world has undergone a huge change in the past year.

A blockage that many people encounter during a gallery visit is the lack of clarity about prices. The prices of the works are often not indicated and many people find it difficult to ask about this: research by Utrecht University shows that in the age category of 18 to 35 years, more than 72% considers it a high threshold to ask about the price of works. a particular work of art. The important advantage of buying art online is the transparency: prices are displayed for each work. This way you know exactly where you stand.

In addition to clarity about prices online, there are also other reasons to purchase art online. Behind your computer you have all the time and space to think about your purchase for longer, without the pressure you might experience when dealing with a salesperson. In addition, there is more on offer online, so you can discover new art faster.

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