Jan Stolk- Parasol
Jan Stolk- Parasol

Jan Stolk- Parasol

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Year: 1994 Technique: Silkscreen Printed on: Paper Dimensions: 46,5 x 46,5 cm Signed: Signed, numbered and dated Edition: 205/300

The artwork
The print comes from a graphics calendar from the INKT graphics shop. The graphic arts workshop in The Hague has printed calendars with original screen prints from 1985 to 1993. Each edition was given a unique shape, making them real collector's items, each with a wide variety of image and graphic techniques. This print is from the 1985 calendar. A total of 300 copies were printed.

About the artist: Jan Stolk
The Hague, May 28, 1939
Jan Stolk studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. For his work he often uses objects from everyday life which he then studies well so that the graphic character of the object can be developed. He did that with an umbrella he found on the street. He began to copy it and take pictures of it in all possible ways. Then Stolk sketches his design on graph paper. Everything is accurately calculated and carefully thought out before the design is sent to the printing office. An important part of his work is that he makes series of graphics from the same objects. Everything is calculated very precisely in his designs, but often an alienation from the object arises, which is sometimes no longer immediately recognizable in his work.

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