Marcel Schellekens

Marcel Schellekens

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Year: 1989
Technique: Etching
Paper size: 79 x 56 cm
Image size: 64 x 44 cm
Edition: 9/40

Marcel Schellekens
North Brabant, 1954

Schellekens was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht. There he specialized in etching technique and developed his own working method. With this method he can make picturesque color etchings, in which he prints color areas on top of each other for a characteristic image structure. Besides etching, Schellekens also makes paintings. In his work he often shows everyday things around which he manages to create a special atmosphere through the right combination of warm colors and light.

Since 1986, Marcel Schellekens has had exhibitions throughout the country. He has also exhibited extensively abroad, such as in New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, Edinburgh and Vienna.