René Koenes
René Koenes

René Koenes

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Year: 2014
Technique: Oil on panel
Size with frame: 23 x 33 cm
Size without frame: 20 x 30 cm
Unique work and signed

René Koenes
Castricum, 1963
Renze Koenes prefers to depict everyday subjects using various techniques. The suggestion of space and material expression is subordinate to this and instead Koenes creates an unexpected play of shapes, patterns, contrasts and colour. Despite the distortions he deliberately applies, the depicted objects, still lifes and domestic scenes from the artist's environment remain recognizable. In addition to painting with oil paint, Koenes specializes in screen printing technique. In his screen prints he remains faithful to his theme and penchant for strong stylization, which always results in highly eye-catching and at the same time intimate interiors. His serigraphs show a more drawing-like style. We offer both screen prints and oil paint works by Koenes. What do you prefer?